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Madeleine Rauch's latest single 'Something Real'

Madeleine Rauch, a talented L.A-based singer and songwriter hailing from Berlin, has captivated listeners with her latest single "Something Real".

This R&B track delves into the universal theme of chasing dreams despite inner turmoil and uncertainty. Reflecting her own struggles in the competitive music industry in L.A, Madeleine's emotionally charged vocals and introspective lyrics resonate with those seeking authenticity and purpose.

Transitioning from her successful release under the moniker Maraux, "Something Real" marks Madeleine's powerful return to her roots. Produced by Josh Jacobson and Alex Winter, the song artfully blends ethereal verses with harmonically rich R&B choruses, showcasing Madeleine's vulnerability and musical prowess. With a background in classical piano and voice training, Madeleine's artistry shines through in this deeply personal and introspective piece.

As fans eagerly await the accompanying music video, "Something Real" is a testament to Madeleine Rauch's unwavering dedication to her craft and her continuous evolution as an artist. Check it out below.


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