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LXXVII: Nobody's Wolf Child Unleashes Cinematic Masterpiece

Get ready to join Nobody's Wolf Child on a sonic expedition with their latest single, "LXXVII." Released on January 25th via Nobody's Records, the track showcases a unique blend of alternative pop, dark-pop, avant-garde and cinematic elements. In addition to the original song, the single also features a powerful cover of Townes Van Zandt's "Nothin'."

"LXXVII" takes listeners on a remarkable journey, where conventional melodies are replaced by immersive soundscapes, rhythms, and haunting choirs. As described very accurately by the band, it's a "lyrical baroque fairytale, that transcends mere music to deliver a powerful warning—society is in a deep slumber, heading towards the edge."

Painting a haunting picture of apocalyptic riders ravaging the world, Nobody's Wolf Child reveal through the track humanity's internal conflicts and the consequences that await if they remain unaware of their impending peril.

In 2024, fans can look forward to more releases, an EP, two European festival performance. Also, be sure to mark your calendars for the inaugural public howling ceremony at Fantasy Forest. And to top it all off, the band is preparing a tour in early 2025 that promises to be a sonic and visual spectacle.


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