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Luna Waves unveils new album 'Comedowns'

Luna Waves, the project of the talented musician Rob Muir, recently unveiled his latest album "Comedowns" immersing listeners in a nostalgic blend of 90's rock and shoegaze influences.

With 12 captivating tracks, the album delves into themes of nostalgia, lost connections, and introspective musings. Rob's meticulous work since autumn 2023 has shaped an album that conveys a sense of late-night contemplation and wistfulness. Drawing from a wide range of genres like psychedelic rock, dream-pop, and alternative pop, Luna Waves showcases a unique sonic landscape in "Comedowns".

The album, produced at Rob's home studio in Bedford and Nottingham, reflects a deep introspection and a desire to capture the essence of past experiences. Following the success of previous releases, including the well-received albums "Bruised Gold" and "Blood Moon", Luna Waves continues to push boundaries as an independent DIY artist.

A project that is both ambitious and captivating, Luna Waves' "Comedowns" marks a significant step in his musical journey. Check it out below.


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