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Looporia's latest single 'Mothership Down'

Looporia's latest single "Mothership Down" from the indie dream pop project Dystopian Fanatic is a cosmic journey into the unknown, created by Daniel Longoria Lopez and produced by Jordan Lawlor.

Delving into themes of individuation and inner exploration, the track showcases Daniel's evolution as an artist. Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Daniel's move to coastal surroundings has influenced his creative process, resulting in a poignant tribute to his friends through the narrative of an interplanetary rescue mission.

"Mothership Down" follows the success of Looporia's previous single "State Lines", further solidifying Daniel's distinctive sound within the dream pop genre. With its ethereal melodies and introspective lyrics, the song encapsulates a sense of longing and adventure, inviting listeners to join him on his musical odyssey.

Looporia's Dystopian Fanatic proves to be a noteworthy addition to the indie music landscape, offering a unique blend of escapism and introspection. Check it out below.


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