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Lisa Humber's latest single 'Dance Within'

Lisa Humber's latest single "Dance Within" is a mesmerizing and reflective track that captivates listeners with its dreamy melodies.

Collaborating with producer and guitarist Justin Abedin, Lisa embarks on a sonic journey, exploring the theme of seeking genuine joy amidst the illusions propagated by social media. The song delves into the juxtaposition of reality and falsehood, urging listeners to embrace authenticity.

In the accompanying music video, directed by Stephen O’Connell and featuring dancer Sam Lore, the visual storytelling beautifully complements the song's message. Filmed at Highbridge in The Bronx and Soho loft, the video captures the essence of "Dance Within" through captivating choreography and striking visuals.

Through this collaboration, Lisa Humber and her team deliver a poignant and artistic expression that resonates with audiences, inviting them to embrace the freedom of finding joy within themselves. Check it out below.


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