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Lipford unveils new single: 'Sunday Morning'

Lipford has released his latest single "Sunday Morning", which showcases a renewed musical identity and emotional depth.

Lipford is an Italian-American pop artist born in Rome in 1985, previously part of the Alternative Rock band MANTRAM, and has now embarked on a solo journey following the band's dissolution in 2019. Through this solo project, Lipford aims to explore new musical avenues and convey the complex emotions encountered in everyday life.

"Sunday Morning", Lipford's thirteenth single, delves into themes of heartbreak and acceptance. The track, self-produced by Lipford and expertly recorded by Francesco Grammatico, captures the lingering feelings of a lost love. The poignant lyrics paint a picture of longing and realization, where the end of a relationship brings about a sense of finality and maturity.

With haunting melodies and raw emotions, Lipford's "Sunday Morning" is a heartfelt reflection on the bittersweet nature of love and endings. Check it out below.


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