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Legna Hernández' Step into the Music Scene with 'Tiana'

Legna Hernández, a well-known public figure in Mexico, has recently ventured into the music scene with her debut single "Tiana". Influenced by bands like Paramore and Avril Lavigne, her music style reflects a mix of pop punk and hyper pop.

Teaming up with American artist Love Ghost, the song delves into the theme of reflecting on past relationship mistakes and the memories associated with them. Sung in both Spanish and English, the collaboration brings a unique dynamic to the track.

The song is named after a rescue dog, that's been waiting for adoption for two years, which is also featured in the video. It aims to promote pet adoption and find her a loving family. Legna's music showcases her passion and creativity, offering listeners a fresh and heartfelt perspective on personal experiences through a blend of energetic and emotional melodies.

Legna's foray into music is a bold and refreshing move, blending her massive social media influence with her passion for music in a meaningful way.


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