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LEEKAYJA EP "Too Catchy, Therefore Worthless

LEEKAYJA, the talented Italian guitarist and musician from Rome, has recently released his original EP titled "Too Catchy, Therefore Worthless." This project takes a nostalgic approach, reminiscent of old-fashioned works from the 80s and 90s, while incorporating modern influences that set it apart from current Trap, Hip Hop, and Pop productions.

"Too Catchy, Therefore Worthless" is a captivating mix of SynthPop and Rock, creating a unique sonic landscape with a touch of darkness and melancholy. LEEKAYJA's exploration of these genres showcases his versatility and willingness to push boundaries.

Having started his musical journey in various Italian heavy metal and rock bands, LEEKAYJA's passion for music production and the use of new technologies led him to embark on a solo career. With the Leekaja project, he delves into the potential of utilizing virtual singers, adding an innovative element to his music.

While the EP's title may suggest a lack of value, it is quite the opposite. LEEKAYJA's "Too Catchy, Therefore Worthless" is a refreshing departure from mainstream trends, offering a unique blend of genres and a captivating atmosphere that demands attention.

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