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Lazy Sunsets Deliver an Empowering Pop-Rock Hit with 'You. Possibly'

Lazy Sunsets, the dynamic songwriter/producer duo of Pete Stephenson and Kara Greskovic, have unveiled their latest pop-rock single, "You. Possibly". This empowering track celebrates female independence and self-assurance, portraying a character unencumbered by societal norms.

Fueled by a blend of classic and 90s rock influences with a touch of pop-punk, the song features a pulsating bass-line, gritty guitar riffs, and a spirited vocal delivery that ignites the dance floor. Lazy Sunsets' music exudes a nostalgic yet contemporary vibe, drawing inspiration from the sounds of the 70s, 80s, and 90s while infusing a modern twist. "You. Possibly" serves as a powerful anthem encouraging listeners to embrace their true selves and assert their individuality.

Since their formation in 2022, Lazy Sunsets have captivated audiences worldwide with their diverse musical style, earning recognition from media outlets in the US, UK, and Australia. With this latest release, Lazy Sunsets continue to push boundaries and solidify their place in the music scene.


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