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LAZA! Releases Debut EP 'I Don't Care!'

LAZA! has burst onto the music scene with their debut EP "I Don't Care!".

The band, consisting of Luiza Lale on saxophone and lyrics, David Lale on cello and production, Ana Gracey as the vocalist, and Chris Sanchez on guitar and production, came together during lockdown, turning distance into an advantage as they collaborated from their homes.

Recorded at Temple Studios, once owned by Ana's musician parents, the EP showcases a blend of feel-good sass and reflective depth. The tracks range from the empowering anthem "I Don't Care!" encouraging to us to be who we are, to the bold and energetic "Girls" celebrating freedom, and the poignant "Rise Up" acknowledging the need for support. "Real Life Is So...." captures the band's playful defiance against societal pressures.

LAZA! promises a mix of sassy, relatable, and uplifting tunes that will have listeners singing along at the top of their lungs. Check out the songs below.


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