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'Lady of the Blues' Miss Freddye unveils latest single 'Slippin' Away'

Miss Freddye, known as Pittsburgh's "Lady of the Blues" has recently unveiled her latest heartfelt single "Slippin' Away".

The track, a moving tribute to the complexities of love and loss, highlights her profound vocals and raw emotional expression. Recorded at Red Caiman Media in Pittsburgh, this heartfelt blues ballad written by the late Mike Lyzenga in 2018 strikes a chord with its poignant lyrics and soulful melody, perfectly capturing the melancholy of a fading love.

Backed by a talented ensemble including Mike Huston on guitar and Jeff Conner on keys, Miss Freddye delivers a compelling rendition that honors both the songwriter's legacy and her own ability to convey deep sentiment through music.

With a career rooted in the blues since 1996, Miss Freddye's commitment to authenticity and charitable endeavors shines through in her music, resonating with audiences worldwide. Check out the single below.


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