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KC Star Releases Single "wanted" and Announces Upcoming EP

Los Angeles-based independent artist KC Star has recently unveiled his latest single "wanted" a heartfelt track that delves into themes of loneliness and self-worth.

After gaining traction with his previous hit, KC Star continues to showcase his singer-songwriter prowess with this emotionally charged ballad. The song's poignant lyrics and subtle yet impactful production create an immersive listening experience, drawing listeners into his personal narrative.

"wanted" serves as the second single from his upcoming EP "love songs about no one" set for release on April 26th. KC Star's ability to blend various genres and convey raw emotions through his music is evident in this track, solidifying his place in the music scene.

With over 120,000 streams across his discography and a growing audience on platforms like TikTok, KC Star's musical journey is one to watch.


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