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Kat Reinhert unveils new single 'I Wanna Be Like Steve Martin'

Kat Reinhert's latest single "I Wanna Be Like Steve Martin" showcases a profound exploration of growth and resilience in the life of an artist, and also that embodies themes of personal progress and determination.

Embracing a blend of jazz, folk, and popular music elements, Kat's evolving sound in this track delves into Americana and Folk genres, reflecting her artistic evolution.

Inspired by a misunderstood story about Steve Martin's banjo journey, where he emphasized the power of daily dedication and her brother's remarkable recovery from an accident, Kat delivers a message of resilience and hope. The lyrical journey embodies the struggles and triumphs of pursuing one's dreams with passion and perseverance.

Having a diverse portfolio spanning albums, podcasts, and children's music, and also being a respected Professor of Songwriting at Berklee College of Music, Kat Reinhert not only creates impactful music but also nurtures aspiring artists to embark on their own artistic journeys. Check out "I Wanna Be Like Steve Martin" below.


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