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Kat Reinhert's latest single 'Greenlights'

Kat Reinhert's latest single "Greenlights" is a blend of jazz, folk, and popular music influences, showcasing her evolving sound and creativity.

The song, inspired by personal experiences and reflections, offers a message of hope and self-discovery in a time of uncertainty. Reinhert, known for her diverse musical background and collaborations with renowned artists, brings a raw and engaging energy to her music, as seen in her recent album "Dead Reckoning".

Drawing inspiration from her own journey and struggles, "Greenlights" invites listeners on an introspective voyage towards finding purpose and authenticity. Written during a reflective moment by the Pacific Ocean, the song captures the essence of seeking meaning amidst life's challenges.

With a talented lineup of musicians, including Jesse Lewis and Perry Smith on guitars, Matt Aronoff on bass, Ross Pederson on drums, and Jack McLaughlin on pedal steel, Kat Reinhert's "Greenlights" is a captivating musical exploration that resonates with listeners on a profound level.


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