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Joshua Pearlstein's newest single 'Endorphins'

Joshua Pearlstein's newest single "Endorphins" showcases his innovative approach to pop music.

Joshua has been making a name for himself with his creative and catchy songwriting. His journey into music began at a young age, delving into singing, piano, and producing, culminating in his acceptance to Berklee College of Music to further develop his craft.

His new single "Endorphins" solidifies his place as a rising star in the industry, showcasing his talent and creativity. The song, created in a 36-hour burst of inspiration after a personal setback, reflects his emotional depth and musical prowess, delving into the theory that external forces may be hindering his pursuit of love to maintain focus on his musical endeavors.

With this track, Joshua Pearlstein solidifies his position as a rising star in the pop music landscape, leaving a lasting impression on those who tune in. So be sure to check it out below.


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