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Joshua Pearlstein releases new single: 'Wandering Degenerate'

Atlanta-born, Boston-based artist Joshua Pearlstein has captured the essence of personal struggle and disillusionment in his latest single "Wandering Degenerate".

Reflecting on the challenges of navigating the competitive Hollywood scene, Joshua delves into the inner turmoil of a character grappling with self-doubt and the loss of passion for their art. Through a blend of classic pop and disco influences, Pearlstein showcases his keen songwriting abilities and knack for crafting infectious melodies.

Drawing inspiration from his early musical education and a deep dive into the darker realms of creativity, Joshua's music resonates with listeners on a visceral level. Having honed his skills at Berklee College of Music, Joshua is poised to make waves in the industry with his boundary-pushing sound.

With his bold vision and unwavering dedication to his craft, Joshua Pearlstein is set to carve out a distinctive space for himself in the musical landscape, challenging conventions and paving the way for a new generation of artists.


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