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Josh Savage's latest EP: "seeing red feeling blue"

Josh Savage's EP "seeing red feeling blue" offers a deeply personal and impactful collection of songs that navigate the emotional roller-coaster of life.

Showcasing innovative fan engagement through self-funding via Music NFTs, the EP brings together raw and honest narratives that delve into personal experiences and universal themes with a collaborative spirit.

The lead track "Fight Another Day" encapsulates the relentless drive to push forward amidst darkness, blending upbeat rhythms with poignant lyrics. "Echoes" explores the lasting impact of small gestures, emphasizing the resonance of human connections. "Heaven on Earth" celebrates the joy of a special bond, while "Winner" delves into the dangers of comparison, promoting self-acceptance. "Sleep on It" highlights the value of patience and reflection, urging listeners to seek clarity after moments of turmoil.

Overall, "seeing red feeling blue" encapsulates Josh Savage's journey with an electrifying energy, capturing the complexities of love, resilience, and personal growth that resonate profoundly with audiences. Check it out below.


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