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Jordan Quill's latest album 'Golden Skies'

Australian music producer Jordan Quill introduces his latest album "Golden Skies", a collaborative effort featuring talented singers and songwriters worldwide.

The album navigates the complexities of love, from its euphoric beginnings in tracks like "Golden Skies" to the poignant aftermath of heartbreak in songs like "Someone New". Through a structured narrative, Jordan takes listeners on a journey of emotional highs and lows, exploring themes of intimacy, loss, and resilience.

"Golden Skies" reflects Jordan's evolution as an artist, incorporating personal experiences and musical influences from his career beginnings in 2020. Known for his tropical house sound, Jordan aims to redefine the genre with heartfelt storytelling and catchy summer-pop vibes. Beyond his music, Jordan connects with fans through live performances at nightclubs and seaside venues, showcasing his versatile skills as a DJ and producer.

Check out the album below and stay tuned for the upcoming release of ten remixes of "Golden Skies", promising exciting new interpretations of Jordan Quill's emotive tracks.


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