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Jordan Kinsey releases a soulful rendition of Melanie's "Together Alone"

Today we have the pleasure to present to you Jordan Kinsey, a very talented musician from Nashville, USA who is known for her unique style and being able to create music that resonates on a deep emotional level.

Now she has just released a heartfelt rendition of Melanie's "Together Alone", which takes on a special significance as it comes in the wake of Melanie's recent passing.

Kinsey is masterfully infusing her version of "Together Alone" with her own signature style, while also at the same time paying homage to the original. This fresh and resonant take on the enduring theme of self-discovery and self-reflection showcases Kinsey's ability to connect with the emotional core of a composition.

The new life that Jordan breathes into her version of "Together Alone" is creating an immersive experience and is inviting listeners to open their eyes to the beauty of solitude. The lyrics is what inspired her to create and share the cover, as she believes the themes of isolation and finding comfort within oneself are universal and speak to many. Which is also staying true to her own style and art as Jordan often explores the themes of self-discovery in her music.

The cover is out now on all major streaming services and there is also a video for it, which you can see bellow. So take a listen to this beautiful version of a timeless song and keep an eye out for Jordan's future releases.


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