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Jodré unveils new single 'Angel (From Heaven)'

Jodré recently dropped their latest single "Angel (From Heaven)" via Aether Records, setting a new tone for their musical journey.

The team behind the project includes Jodré, producer Lucas Quinn, and engineer NoCap, blending their talents to create a captivating sound. The track was recorded at No Starz Studios in London, under the expert guidance of NoCap and Aether Records. This release marks the beginning of a series of singles leading to an EP in early 2025, exploring a wide range of emotions with a touch of ethereal beauty.

"Angel (From Heaven)" delves into the quest for genuine and transcendent love, symbolized by heavenly imagery that connects the artist's soul with his muse. Through Aether Records, Jodré ventures into a new era, embracing professional studio production while crafting a collection of songs that promise to resonate with listeners.

Check out the single below and stay tuned for more soul-touching tracks from Jodré set to follow very soon.


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