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Jessie Berkshires unveils new single 'Pillars'

Indie artist Jessie Berkshires has just unveiled her latest single "Pillars".

In it, the Detroit artist delves into the emotional depths of witnessing loved ones battle substance abuse and mental health challenges. A poignant blend of folk and electronic elements, this raw ballad crafted by a talented husband-wife duo in a home studio features emotive live piano and upright bass interwoven with an electronic soundscape.

Jessie's heartfelt lyrics aim to resonate with listeners who can relate to the struggles portrayed in the song, offering a sense of solace and understanding. Complemented by a visually striking full-length video and a powerful social media campaign, "Pillars" serves as a beacon of support for those enduring similar trials.

Jessie Berkshires, a multifaceted artist known for her evocative storytelling and visually captivating work, continues to weave narratives of love, loss, and hope through her authentic musical expressions. Check out the new single below.


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