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Jane N' The Jungle’s latest single 'GTFO'

Jane N' The Jungle’s latest single "GTFO" delivers a powerful punch with its hard rock and nu metal vibes.

The track, driven by themes of American greed and gun violence, showcases searing vocals and blazing guitar riffs that grip listeners right from the start. This Phoenix-based modern rock band, comprised of childhood friends Jordan White and Brian Dellis, is known for their raw energy and unapologetic authenticity.

With influences ranging from alternative rock to punk, Jane N’ The Jungle's music cuts through like a sharp blade, leaving a profound impact on their audience. Their upcoming record, produced by Cameron Mizell, promises to be a game-changer in the rock scene.

With previous releases like the album "Concrete Jungle" and EP "Ocean Creatures", the band has already build a loyal fanbase. Check out "GTFO" below, as it sets the stage for what's sure to be another electrifying chapter in the Jane N’ The Jungle's musical journey.


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