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J.Jr's latest single 'Get Ahead'

J.Jr's latest single "Get Ahead" is a soothing blend of acoustic melodies and electronic touches, creating a perfect laid-back vibe for summer nights.

The track carries a message of self-discovery and empowerment, emphasizing the idea of paving your own path while receiving support from loved ones. J.Jr is the solo project of Jake Meeking working in collaboration with talented musicians such as Spencer Page, Dimitri Goneos, Stos Goneos, and many more who have backgrounds in various notable projects.

The single was recorded at Nine Volt Leap studio, showcasing the band's commitment to quality production. Inspired by the journey of finding one's way in life, "Get Ahead" exudes a sense of positivity and encouragement. Through this project, J.Jr aimed to rediscover the joy of creating music without pressure, resulting in a collection of tracks that they are immensely proud of.

Overall, "Get Ahead" is a testament to individual growth and the importance of having a supportive community. Check it out below.


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