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J.J. Chamberlain's Latest Single 'Eyeballs'

J.J. Chamberlain's newly released single "Eyeballs" is a glistening Indie pop track that radiates introspection and summer vibes.

Drawing inspiration from early 90s Alternative Rock, the song features warm guitars and a pulsating rhythm section that create a captivating listening experience filled with infectious hooks. Chamberlain, the mastermind behind the project, handles vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, and bass, while Takashi Takemura brings his drumming expertise to the mix. The duo's collaboration, born out of a chance meeting during a UK tour has resulted in a promising musical partnership.

With its roots in alternative rock "Eyeballs" delves into themes of loss, grief, and strained relationships. Chamberlain's DIY approach to recording the single at home, with Takemura contributing remotely, showcases their dedication to bringing their musical vision to life.

With its compelling sound and heartfelt lyrics "Eyeballs" is a standout track that definitely deserves a spot on your summer playlist.

LINKS: Spotify | Bandcamp


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