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Italian quintet EEF returns with new album: 'what eef?'

Italian quintet EEF (Early Ettringite Formation) returns with their latest offering, the album "what eef?".

Lead single "Faded Memory" sets the tone for a musical journey blending rock, funk, soul, and fusion with heartfelt lyrics that resonate deeply. The album's title poses the question "What If?", encouraging listeners to explore boundless possibilities and embrace life's opportunities.

New front-man Edoardo Gili brings a soulful essence to the band, weaving captivating narratives through each track's melodies. With a diverse sound palette, EEF effortlessly merges genres on this 10-track record, from the carefree vibe of "Downtown" to the rebellious energy of "Reloaded Mind".

"Faded Memory" serves as the perfect finale to the album, showcasing the band's contemporary funk, rock and blues sounds. This release signifies a fresh chapter for EEF, maintaining their reputation for originality and innovation in the music scene.

Join EEF on their musical odyssey and discover the magic of "what eef?".


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