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Into the Light Debut EP Showcases Explosive and Experimental Sound

Rochester (NY) band Into the Light recently released their highly anticipated debut EP, in which they showcase a diverse range of influences. From 90s grunge, modern hardcore to shoegaze, combined with amazing guitar tones, driving rhythms, harsh vocals, and magnetic melodies, the band has created an original and unique sound that does not exist in the realm of only one genre.

The EP features two remastered previously released singles, "Manuscript" and "Bridge", as well as their latest single, "Camera Shy". This track combines grunge and post-hardcore elements, with great rhythms, atmospheric guitars, and infectious melodies.

Recorded at More Sound Recording Studio in Syracuse, NY, the album shows the band's commitment to a high-quality sound. The six songs on the EP seamlessly blend genres, creating a unique sound in which fans are easily immersed.

Into the Light released their debut EP on December 24th, 2023, with the help of Luchador Records & Classic Core Records. The band is already writing material for their next release and plans to kick off 2024 with several shows and an album release event.

Even though Into the Light is a relatively new band it has already made a name for itself in the music scene by creating its own unique and distinguishable sound. Fans can look forward to their upcoming full-length album which is set to be released in late 2023.


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