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Inki releases new album: 'Thoughts Midsentence'

Inki's latest album "Thoughts Midsentence", emerges as a finely crafted work that strikes a balance between inventiveness and daring exploration.

Hailing from Iceland, Inki's venture into alt-pop with this album is a testament to her artistry, melding reflective lyrics with infectious tunes and her boundary-pushing production prowess.

Already a rising star in the indie music sphere, Inki's recent performance in Reykjavik drew a full house, setting the stage for an upcoming tour. The album's title, inspired by the fragmented nature of storytelling, mirrors the album's creative process - a journey of unraveling diverse ideas to sculpt a cohesive masterpiece, but still leaving it to be delightfully imperfect.

With a background in experimental music composition, Inki ventures into personal narratives exploring themes of love and liberation in tracks like "Barefoot On The Dancefloor". Expect a sonic tapestry of deep bass lines, acoustic nuances, mesmerizing beats, and the raw power of electronic landscapes throughout the album.


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