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Indigo Sun's unveil new single "Tu n'est pas seul" and announce new album

Indigo Sun's latest single "Tu n'est pas seul" delves into the universal emotion of yearning for someone you haven't met, yet.

This mesmerizing track introduces a new dynamic to the band's already diverse fusion of trip-hop, alternative, and electronica genres. Co-written with the esteemed bassist Ida Nielsen, best known for her work with Prince, the song embraces a bass-heavy dub reggae rhythm intertwined with a laid-back trip-hop ambiance, crafting a magnetic musical experience.

Fronted by the enchanting vocals of Ena Egelund, who hails from France, the song exudes a genuine and emotive essence. Produced by the band's own Tobias Weltzer, the song intricately weaves together various genres into a harmonious blend.

"Tu n'est pas seul" serves as a tantalizing glimpse into Indigo Sun's upcoming album "Electric Blue", set for release on June 7, 2024, promising a musical journey filled with innovation and soulful melodies. Check out the single below and stay tuned for the album.


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