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Indie Pop Duo Wotts Releases Intense and Evocative Single, 'PETALS'

Canadian indie pop duo Wotts have just released their latest single, "PETALS". Continuing their trend of blending contemporary and retro pop sounds, the duo brings a unique flavor to the indie music scene.

Wotts, hailing from Ottawa, Canada, consists of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem, and bassist and guitarist Ricky 100. With previous appearances at RBC Bluesfest, Canadian Music Week, and Junofest, Wotts has garnered attention from various outlets such as CBC Radio, and EARMILK.

Produced by Jayem, "PETALS" is the final installment from their EP of the same name. The EP tells a story of unrequited love, with "PETALS" specifically focusing on the painful realization that the relationship was never meant to be.

Wotts sees "PETALS" as an ending to a story that never truly concludes. Explaining their intention, Jayem states that heartbreak is messy and unresolved, leaving scars that can last a lifetime. This track serves as a testament to that reality.

The intense drumming and emotionally charged lyrics contribute to the overall dramatic atmosphere of the song. According to Ricky 100, the urgency of the drums perfectly captures the frustrated energy that arises from uncertainty in a relationship.

Drawing inspiration from Tame Impala and Pond, the song combines elements of electro and psych pop, resulting in one of Wotts' most evocative tracks to date.

As Wotts prepares for a busy 2024, "PETALS" marks their first release of the year. Fans can expect a continuation of their signature style, with some surprises along the way.


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