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Icarus Phoenix unveil new single 'High Tide'

Icarus Phoenix, the Baltimore-based band, have recently unveiled their new single "High Tide" in anticipation of their upcoming album "I Should Have Known the Things You Never Said", set to be released on August 15th.

The band, comprising members Drew Danburry, Eli Sims, Leena Rhodes, and Brendan Russell, poured their hearts into this album, recorded at June Audio in Provo, Utah with producer Jed Jones. The track, written by Drew, delves into personal struggles post-divorce, feeling undervalued and trapped in a cycle of societal expectations.

The raw emotion in the lyrics reflects a battle for self-worth and identity, with a haunting ambiance created by additional contributions from Chaz Prymek and Rocky Cordray. Icarus Phoenix's journey from Missoula, Montana to Baltimore has shaped their sound, with frontman Drew Danburry's DIY approach evident in their extensive discography.

"High Tide" serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and passion that defines Icarus Phoenix's music. Check it out below.


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