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'I Struck Gold With You': Tania Kyllikki's Ode to Love

Tania Kyllikki's latest single "I Struck Gold With You" is a heartfelt ode to the enduring power of love, dedicated to her husband and music partner Rynellton, and her fans.

Tanya is a true independent creative that does the work of a whole team all by herself, from writing, recording and producing, to filming her videos and doing the artwork, which shows her dedication to her art.

Combining elements of contemporary pop and soulful R&B "I Struck Gold With You" creates a captivating atmosphere of sincerity and warmth. Through gentle piano melodies and Tania's emotive vocals, the track beautifully captures the resilience and beauty of love. The lyrics narrate a tale of comfort and love's unwavering presence and the deep connection that blossoms against all odds.

With over a million views of her video in just a month, Tania's success as an independent artist is truly commendable. Check out the video and single below.


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