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Horizon Odyssey: A Captivating Musical Journey

Horizon Odyssey, a one-man band led by a talented producer, is making waves in the music industry with his dreamy combination of dream pop, electronic, synth, and deep house. With his debut single "Fly Away," Horizon Odyssey takes listeners on a captivating musical journey that allows them to escape reality for a brief moment.

The band's main influences include renowned artists such as Tinlicker, Ben Böhmer, and Trilucid, who have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Horizon Odyssey's unique sound. Drawing inspiration from these talented musicians, Horizon Odyssey creates a mesmerizing blend of genres that is both soothing and energizing.

Although Horizon Odyssey is a relatively new project, it has already made its mark by performing its first gig this summer. This exciting debut performance has left fans eagerly anticipating future shows and events. Additionally, Horizon Odyssey is in talks with a label for a potential release, which further adds to the excitement surrounding the artist's future endeavors.

"Fly Away," the debut single, was recorded at Horizon Odyssey's home studio in Enschede. This personal touch in the production process allowed the artist to fully immerse himself in the music and bring his vision to life. The song itself is about escaping reality with a loved one, creating a moment of pure captivation. Horizon Odyssey aims to achieve this same enchantment through his music, and "Fly Away" is a testament to his success in doing so.

In an interview, Horizon Odyssey shared a poignant quote that perfectly encapsulates his passion and dedication to his craft: "Always keep doing what you love." This mantra serves as a reminder to both himself and his fans to pursue their dreams relentlessly and find solace in the music they adore.

Horizon Odyssey's debut single "Fly Away" is a testament to the artist's talent and creativity. With its dreamy melodies, captivating beats, and ethereal vocals, Horizon Odyssey takes listeners on a musical journey that is both enchanting and memorable. Keep an eye out for this promising artist as he continues to make waves in the music industry with his unique sound and captivating performances.


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