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Hook Release New EP: 'The Drugs Are Working'

Dublin-based band Hook, comprising Eoin O’Donnell on vocals and guitars, Niamh Carmody on vocals and bass, and Morgan O’Brien on drums, is making waves in the indie rock scene with their latest EP "The Drugs Are Working".

Drawing comparisons to iconic bands like Pixies, The Smiths, Big Thief, and the Velvet Underground, Hook's music delves into the intricacies of everyday life, love, and the pursuit of beauty in simplicity.

Released on 8th March, the EP features two versions of the title track, one electric and immediate, the other more subdued and acoustic, both carrying a message of seeking brightness in the world. Despite the title, the songs are not about drugs but about personal discovery. Accompanying the EP is the intense track "Walk On Me".

Catch Hook live at their upcoming shows in Dublin and experience their raw and heartfelt musical storytelling firsthand.


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