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Holy Høly released new single: 'Common'

Holy Høly has just released their newest single "Common" in partnership with Cultural Bridge, an Italian record label.

The track, created by Holy Høly, combines classical piano, double bass, synths, and soothing vocals. Ewa Baran, the mastermind behind the composition, showcases her talent in playing the various instruments and singing.

Collaborating artists, Kafiristan on saxophone and drums, and Szymon Nożyński on lo-fi samples, bring a fresh perspective and dynamic essence to the music. The fusion of smooth vocals, synths, jazzy saxophone melodies, and Nożyński's innovative sampling results in a remarkable auditory journey that pushes beyond conventional music genres.

"Common" is now available on all major streaming platforms for music enthusiasts to delve into the diverse and captivating world of Holy Høly's soundscapes. Don't pass up the chance to explore this boundary-breaking musical masterpiece firsthand.

LINKS: Instagram | Spotify


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