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Hilgrove Kenrick's Album 'Fragments: Part One'

Hilgrove Kenrick's first solo album "Fragments: Part One" presents a collection of deeply personal piano pieces that invite listeners into an intimate musical experience.

Each track feels like a private performance, capturing the raw honesty and vulnerability of a pianist lost in their own world. Kenrick's background as a Cathedral chorister and jazz musician shines through in the emotive and honest compositions that make up this album.

Having received accolades for his work in film, television, and games, Kenrick brings his expertise to the world of solo piano with "Fragments: Part One". The album showcases his ability to craft music that is both introspective and captivating, drawing listeners in with its delicate melodies and subtle nuances. With tracks like "Charlbury" gaining recognition on BBC Music Introducing and Spotify playlists, Kenrick's music is resonating with audiences worldwide.

"Fragments: Part One" is a testament to Kenrick's skill as a composer and his dedication to creating music that speaks to the soul.


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