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Harry Kappen releases new single titled 'Cool Down'

Harry Kappen, the talented Dutch musician and music therapist, has recently released a captivating new single titled "Cool Down".

Following the success of his heartfelt ballad "One Life" Harry opts for a more upbeat and rock-infused sound in this latest track, featuring a blend of acoustic and electric guitars. "Cool Down" serves as a poignant reminder to take a moment to slow down and reflect on what truly matters in life, urging listeners to contemplate their priorities and connections with others.

This single is part of Harry's upcoming album "Time Will Tell" a diverse collection of 12 original and catchy songs that delve into his personal experiences, from fears and love to reflections on the future. With notable influences from Mexico evident in tracks like "The Volcano is Awake" Harry's musical versatility shines through in this release.

Fans can currently find "Time Will Tell" exclusively on his website, but the album will soon be available on all major streaming platforms, showcasing Harry Kappen's remarkable musical journey and dedication to his craft.


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