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'Grown': Seaker's Musical Reflection on Adulthood

Seaker, the artistic pseudonym of Kiran Hungin, a versatile artist hailing from North London, has just unveiled a fresh musical offering with the release of their single "Grown".

After a hiatus to refine existing material and create new tracks, Seaker presents a poignant reflection on the complexities of adulthood in this upcoming release. Through introspective lyrics, Seaker explores the juxtaposition of feeling grown-up while still feeling like "just kids with years on us". The track showcases Seaker's signature blend of emotive vocal harmonies, gentle piano melodies, and intricate production elements, resulting in a captivating sonic landscape.

"Grown" invites listeners on a contemplative journey, urging them to embrace self-assurance while acknowledging the need for occasional reassurance in navigating life's enigmatic path. With acoustic guitars weaving seamlessly with ethereal synth textures and laid-back rhythms, Seaker's latest single promises to deliver a soul-stirring and immersive musical experience.

So check out the single below and stay tuned for more releases from Seaker in 2024, which will include new material, as well as reworks of old tracks.


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