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Greg Foat unveils new nature-inspired single: 'Spider Plant Blues'

London-based musician Greg Foat has just released his Jazz single "Spider Plant Blues" on vinyl and digital platforms, marking the first vinyl release for Ameritz Music.

Inspired by the spider plants in his home, Foat's composition reflects his intimate connection to the flora, which he moves around his space to stimulate creativity in his home studio.

The single, featuring Greg Foat on keys alongside bassist Tom Herbert and drummer Ayo Salawu, showcases intricate synthesizer work that subtly captivates listeners with its skillful execution. With a laid-back vibe perfect for easy listening, "Spider Plant Blues" invites audiences to share in the symbiotic relationship between music and nature that fuels Foat's creative process.

Drawing on his passion for vinyl and early musical education, Greg Foat's latest release promises a journey of discovery for those seeking a blend of relaxation and musical depth. Check it out below.


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