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George Bolton's Trancendental unveils new album: 'Atomic'

George Bolton's Trancendental's latest album "Atomic" is a fusion of 90's techno and trance revival.

Following the success of his previous project The Screaming Pope, George Bolton showcases his talent on synthesizers and samples in this new release. The album, consisting of 15 tracks, pays homage to the Boston trance scene of the 90's where the roots of George Bolton's Trancendental lie.

Influenced by a diverse range of musical genres, not limited to EDM, the project aims to cater to a wider audience beyond the electronic dance music sphere. Recorded in his home studio in Boston, George plans to take his music to DJ gigs soon, starting with local house parties.

With a focus on techno and its derivatives, "Atomic" promises a danceable and club-friendly experience, capturing the essence of the electronic music scene.


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