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Geena Gangi's Newest Single 'Sincerely'

Geena Gangi, a talented 25-year-old artist hailing from Boston and now based in Los Angeles, is making waves in the music scene with her latest single "Sincerely".

Collaborating with Grammy-nominated producer Josh "yesh" Zegan, Geena is on a mission to bring her dream of being a writer and artist to life. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences of love and loss, Geena's music resonates with those who have gone through similar journeys.

The heartfelt track captures the essence of a couple's nervous yet endearing first dance at their wedding, evoking a sense of intimacy and vulnerability. Geena's creative process shines through in the spontaneous creation of "Sincerely" with the chorus flowing effortlessly in just 5 minutes. The cover art, which is a picture of a handwritten journal entry, reflects her genuine and simplistic approach to love and music.

With a vision to create more danceable and emotionally resonant music alongside her producer, Geena Gangi is a rising star to watch in the industry. So check her music out now.


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