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Future Colours' latest single, "May She Sleep Forever

Future Colours' latest single, "May She Sleep Forever," is a captivating indie rock anthem that showcases the band's unique sound and personal storytelling. Hailing from the Scottish west coast, this noisy indie rock band takes pride in producing, mixing, and mastering all their tracks in their own studio, allowing them full creative control over their music.

Comprised of Steven Campbell on guitar and vocals, Steven Kelly on lead guitar and backing vocals, Andrew Sutherland on bass, and Darren Smith on drums and backing vocals, Future Colours brings together their individual talents and shared musical experiences. With a collective history of playing in different bands in Glasgow, it was only a matter of time before they joined forces to create their own distinct sound.

Drawing inspiration from Scottish bands like Frightened Rabbit, Mastersystem, Idlewild, and Biffy Clyro, as well as international acts like Gleemer and Deftones, Future Colours infuse their music with a blend of energetic rock and more chilled-out influences like Bon Iver and Tycho. This diverse range of influences adds depth and richness to their sound, making "May She Sleep Forever" a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

The single, self-produced in their own studio, is a reflection of the band's personal experiences over the past year. While the song holds deep meaning for the band members, its open-ended lyrics allow listeners to interpret it in their own unique ways. This versatility is something that Future Colours embraces, as they appreciate the different perspectives and connections that listeners can form with their music.

With previous singles receiving airplay on BBC Radio Scotland and having shared the stage with bands like Tellison, Future Colours is steadily making their mark in the music scene. "May She Sleep Forever" is a testament to their talent, passion, and ability to craft compelling indie rock that resonates with audiences.

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