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Franck Rapp's latest single 'It's Time'

Franck Rapp's latest single "It's Time" is a vibrant blend of upbeat melodies perfect for party nights.

Following the positive reception of "SUNSET WITH YOU", which garnered over 140,000 Spotify streams, Franck collaborated with his close friend Hanna Hagglund from the band "THE PINK CROWS" for this track.

Influenced by the feel-good pop vibes of the 70's and 80's, infused with a contemporary synth sound, "It's Time" sets the stage for a musical journey. The song, recorded mainly in Paris with contributions from talented individuals like Hanna and Didier Thery, radiates a sunny essence inspired by beach vibes and good company.

With themes of overcoming challenges and embracing change, "It's Time" motivates listeners to move forward and soar to new heights. Hanna Hagglund's lyrical prowess and vocal harmonies add a special touch to this uplifting anthem. Check it out below.


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