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Former Lives unveils 'Some things never change is inevitable'

Former Lives, the brainchild of Sean Joseph Klassen, has just unveiled his newest single "Some things never change is inevitable".

This melancholic yet uplifting track delves into themes of isolation and resilience, painted vividly through the lens of an asthma attack. The song, a blend of indie dream pop and nostalgic shoegaze, is a sonic love letter to overdriven guitars and analog synthesizers.

Initially conceived as a coping mechanism after Sean's brain injury, Former Lives evolved into a collaborative project featuring talents like producer Jeff Stuart Saltzman and singer Sabrina Velazquez Summers. Their 2022 debut album "Ceremony of Leaving" quietly made waves online, showcasing their unique fusion of 80's new wave, 90's guitar-driven soundscapes, and modern dream pop.

With artwork by Eduardo Recife, Former Lives pays homage to underground music influences while carving out their own distinctive sound. Originally from Colorado now based in Vermont, Sean Joseph Klassen continues to push boundaries in the indie music scene with Former Lives.


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