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Forever in Transit unveil new single 'Let Go Your Earthly Tether' and announce upcoming album

Forever in Transit, a New York-based progressive metal band, has unveiled their latest single "Let Go Your Earthly Tether", a mesmerizing blend of high-octane metal riffs and ethereal ambiance.

The track delves into the inner conflict of shedding past burdens to embrace a new beginning, a journey marked by introspection and transformation. Produced by Diego Tejeida and mastered by Andy Vandette, this track is a tantalizing preview of their upcoming album "A Coming to Terms", slated for a September 13th, 2024 release.

Led by multi-instrumentalist Dan Sciolino, Forever in Transit's musical ethos emphasizes artistic freedom and pushing boundaries. Their previous releases, such as "States of Disconnection" and "Re:Connection" showcased their thematic depth and sonic versatility.

With their upcoming album, the band continues to explore themes of self-discovery and acceptance, blending intricate instrumental passages with rich atmospheric textures. Stay tuned for a musical journey that transcends conventional boundaries.


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