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for KING & COUNTRY unveil album 'Unsung Hero (The Inspired By Soundtrack)'

The highly acclaimed duo for KING & COUNTRY, comprised of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, have unveiled their latest musical endeavor, the album "Unsung Hero (The Inspired By Soundtrack)" alongside the release of the touching family biopic film, "Unsung Hero".

Joel Smallbone makes his directorial debut in the film, which chronicles the Smallbone family's journey from Australia to the United States, inspired by the duo's song "Unsung Hero", dedicated to their parents.

This soundtrack not only features original tracks like "Place In This World" and "To Hell With The Devil (RISE)", but also showcases reimagined 90's classics with a distinctive for KING & COUNTRY touch. Known for their Grammy-winning sound and captivating live performances across the globe, this album solidifies their reputation as one of the music industry's most esteemed acts.

The emotional depth and creative prowess displayed in "Unsung Hero (The Inspired By Soundtrack)" reaffirm for KING & COUNTRY's status as musical trailblazers. Check it out below and make sure to also check out the film, currently playing in theaters in the US, and in the UK, and Ireland on June 16th.


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