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FiveSidedDice unveils latest EP 'Silly Songs for Clever Girls'

FiveSidedDice, the music project of Roscoe Nefdt, has just released his latest EP "Silly Songs for Clever Girls", showcasing a mix of influences from punk rock to alternative rock. Starting his musical journey as a young boy in South Africa, Roscoe honed his craft over the years, leading to the creation of this playful and unconventional collection of love songs.

From the melancholic tale of "Lil Miss Melancholy" to the quirky comparison in "She's a Computer" and the contrast between a punk rocker and a hippy in "The Crystal to My Meth", each track offers a unique storytelling experience.

The EP was recorded at the FiveSidedRecords studio in Gqeberha, South Africa, and meticulously mixed and mastered in Northamptonshire, England, and features cover artwork by Trigrau_u.

Despite facing challenges during the production process, such as file corruption, the EP's creative spirit prevailed. With a promising start to 2024, FiveSidedDice sets the stage for more captivating releases in the future. Check out the EP below.


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