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Finding light in music: Salyse's latest single 'Eve of 4/20'

Salyse's latest single "Eve of 4/20" is a vibrant anthem designed to inspire and uplift listeners.

Recorded in Atlanta with producer DeeJohn, "Eve of 4/20" was born during the heart of the pandemic, while observing how people adapted to it. Salyse recalls the inspiration behind the song being watching people finding solace in various activities like relaxation, yoga, music, dancing and more, to cope with the uncertain times.

The track serves as a reminder to embrace life's moments and keep spirits high despite the challenges, and emphasizes the importance of rhythm and soul in today's world.

"Eve of 4/20" aims to spread positivity and light, offering a refreshing escapism in today's world. Salyse's hope is that the song will bring joy into the lives of those who hear it, inspiring them to find solace in music's transformative power.


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