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Fernandez's latest single 'Boom Boom'

Captivating audiences with its Southern Gothic allure, Fernandez's latest single "Boom Boom" immerses listeners in a realm of forbidden love and intense emotions.

Collaborating with renowned producer Greg J. Walker, known for his exceptional work in the music industry, Fernandez brings forth a cinematic masterpiece fueled by a blend of alternative music and old-school blues and soul influences.

"Boom Boom" delves deep into the realm of taboo romance, drawing listeners into Fernandez's signature dark, atmospheric soundscapes, enriching the listening experience with layers of emotional depth and vintage charm. With Greg's expertise in crafting compelling music, the track resonates with a unique fusion of cinematic elements and modern sonic textures.

This three-year collaborative effort between Fernandez and Greg J. Walker culminates in a musical journey that pays homage to the golden era of cinema spread over a contemporary soundscape. Check out “Boom Boom" below.


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