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Falconeers' debut album 'Volume One'

Hailing from Upstate NY, Falconeers have released their debut album "Volume One", a testament to their musical skills and a sonic exploration across rock's evolution. The album not only showcases the band's dedication to innovation but also pays homage to the classic rock icons who have influenced them.

Falconeers describe their creative process as a mix of their love for classic rock legends, years spent performing on stage, strong friendship, and deep genre appreciation. This blend results in a fresh and exciting sound that honors their roots while also pushing boundaries.

The band, comprised Steve Bell on drums, Nathan Gavacs on keyboards, Tom Deinzer on rhythm guitar, Mike Mietlicki on bass, and Christopher on lead guitar and vocals, believes in the timeless power of rock music as a defining soundtrack for their generation. They express their journey in their music, anchoring in the present while looking forward to the future, with electrifying live performances that exude raw power and unwavering passion.

Check out Falconeers' double album below, as it showcases their commitment to creating exceptional music, paving the way for an exciting musical voyage ahead.


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