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Exploring Time and Nostalgia: Elizabeth Shepherd's Latest Album 'Three Things'

Elizabeth Shepherd, a renowned soul-jazz artist, has just released her album "Three Things".

With an impressive track record of six JUNO award nominations and features on prominent radio shows like NPR and BBC Radio 1, Shepherd's talent has garnered international acclaim. Her latest album, "Three Things", born out of the pandemic-induced lock-down in Quebec, showcases her ingenuity by incorporating everyday sounds like bird songs and typewriter clicks as musical elements. The lead single "Time" delves into the complexities of time and nostalgia, with Shepherd's velvety vocals weaving a hypnotic melody that captivates listeners.

This 11-track masterpiece is a testament to Shepherd's artistic evolution and is now available for music enthusiasts to enjoy on all platforms. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Elizabeth Shepherd's musical genius firsthand.

She is also set to grace London with her mesmerizing performance at Pizza Express’ The Pheasantry in Chelsea on April 16th, so don't forget to check it out.


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